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Exploseum DAG Fabrik Bromberg • The Leon Wyczółkowski District Museum in Bydgoszcz
Today is Sunday, 22 October 2017
Dodano: 2013.12.13

Slivers of the past collected

Exploseum War Technology Center of DAG Fabrik Bromberg summarizes the project “Slivers of the past” - relations of people employed in the former German armaments factory of DAG concern in Bydgoszcz between 1939-1945.

Project  lasted from May 2013 and was  During project, which was carried on from May 2013, we were able to find several former factory workers DAG , who agreed to share their memories of that period. The exhibition in the building in 1157 will consists 5 positions with memories workers. It will include, among others, history of employee who worked in “multinational  team assemblers” who serviced NGL zone (the place where at present is Exploseum ) , the story of the bicycle messenger working throughout the DAG Fabrik Bromberg or history of worker of smokeless powder production zone ( POL- Betrieb ) .

" We are very grateful for any response to our action and at the same time very pleased with the results of our project " - said Maciej Kulakowski Head of Industrial Architecture Department. “These recordings will be used to enrich our knowledge of the DAG Fabrik Bromberg and simultaneously increase the attractiveness of our exhibitions. "

Another aspect of the project , in addition to recordings obtained, was the creation of the educational offer for schools. There are two museum lessons available:

Forced labor in factories DAG Bromberg - using example of Bydgoszcz factory students learn methods of obtaining and the essence of the functioning of cheap labor providing military and economic power of the Third Reich.

Home Army in the DAG Fabrik Bromberg - students are familiarized with the basic issues concerning patriotism, they get to know methods of fighting the occupying forces used during World War II , as well as the structure and operation of members of the Home Army.

Museum lessons can be ordered by calling 883 366 056 .
Details are in the "educational offer " .

Project was supported by the Museum of Polish History in Warsaw under the "Patriotism of Tomorrow" .

1153 Gelatinization building - Exhibition of forced labor in the factories of the Third Reich photo. Wojciech Wozniak

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